Structure of the Team League



1.To host a team, a venue must have a dedicated dart area.

2. Two or more boards must be present and used during league play.

3. Must have dedicated dart boards that are only used during league play.

4. Dart boards must be in tournament shape and should be rotated often to remain in tournament shape.

5. Throw lines and dart boards must be up to league guidelines, check the diagram on the website for more information on the correct hanging instructions.

6. When hanging your boards and setting your throw lines you will be given a margin of error of (+/-) 1/4 in. on both.

7. Adequate lighting must be used in your dart area. If the lighting being used projects shadows on the dart boards, you will have to find alternative lighting for league play.

1. Team League

Team consists of a minimum of four players and a maximum of six. Each team will have a team captain. Team captain duties:

         A. Team captain is in charge of having his/her team at appropriate venue at the appropriate time.

         B. Making sure league info is posted at their home venue.

         C. Making sure scorekeeping procedures are followed.
         D. Timely submission of all fees and score sheets.

         E. Must have internet access.

         F. Filing any protest during or after matches.

2. The Divisions

         A. There will be two divisions, consisting of at least four teams if possible.

              1. The Bud Light Championship division match will consist of six segments: five -01 and five cricket                       games each counting for one game point a piece, and one pro shoot style match that counts as one                       game point. All games are straight up and the -01 games are double out. The Bud Light Championship is                 open to all members and teams to join.  

              2. The Budweiser Championship division match will consist of six segments: five-01 and five cricket                       games each counting for one game point a piece, and one pro shoot style match that counts as one                     game point. All games are straight up and the -01 games are double out. The Bud Light Championship                  division is open to players who have a QPA of 1.99 or less or for new players to the league. Any other                   player must join to Budweiser Division unless approved by the league manager.

              3. In each division there is a magical number of 8 teams, if this number is hit those 8 teams will be split                   up into sub-divisions to make the season a little bit shorter. What will happen is that the sub-division                     that you are drafted into those teams will be each other in a home and home style schedule and then                     you will play the other teams in the other sub-division only once. Playoff seeding is done on total game                 wins so it doesn't matter who the sub-division winner is. After regular season is complete the teams                     be seeded from 1-8 as to their total game wins and the playoff bracket will begin from there. This puts                   the season as a total lasting 3 1/2 months and that's about as long as I want to go at any time.   

         B. Skill Level Review Committee

              1. Team Captains and the League Commissioner will make up this committee. They will determine if                        individual players are in the best division to optimize their growth as a player.

              2. If a Bud Light Championship Division team wins the division championship two seasons in a row the                   committee will automatically move this team to the Budweiser Championship Division. If this team                       wishes to remain in the Budweiser division they will have to break the team up in some sort of manner                 that is acceptable to the league commissioner.

3. Trophies and Awards

          A. At the end of each season, trophies and awards will be given out for the following: Team Division                        Champion, Team Division Runner Up for both divisions. Individuals will receive awards for team captain,                Season MVP, team MVP, all-star team, 5,6 mark, 7,8 mark, 9 mark, hat trick, low ton, high ton, ton80, most                improved. Prizes will also be awarded to weekly QPA MVP and Highest Singles Win Average. In the event                there is a tie for Season MVP,, the singles winning percentage will be used as a tie breaker. If still tied a                  pro shoot match will be played among all MVP candidates. A season ending “dart prom” will be held at an                appointed venue. Trophies will be given out for league titles and MVP's, all other awards will be in cash                  form.  

               1. Individual mark awards in the Bud Division will be given in the form of achievement pins, these pins                     are for 5M, 7M, 9M, HT in cricket. In -01 they are for low ton, high ton, and ton80. Individual mark                        awards in the Budweiser Division will be given in form of cash prizes. Both forms of awards are worth                  the same. If a Bud Light Division player would rather have the cash prize instead of                                      achievement pin that can also be done, just needs to be know before the end of the season.  

4. Conduct

          A. Heckling or harassment of players while they are throwing will be penalized by forfeit of game point; team              captains need to keep their players in check. League Manager needs to be contacted immediately to settle              any disputes. Please check both the league rule book that is on hand at each venue and the league rule                  book online before contacting the league manager.

          B. The repeated use of foul language toward opponents will also resort in a team being penalized a forfeited                game point.

          C. "BUDWEISER CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION" scorekeepers must remain neutral, they can’t tell players exact                  numbers to throw at. In an -01 game the player asks for amount left, the scorekeeper is allowed to tell                  exact amount remaining but can’t tell player at which numbers to throw. This is the job of the team                      captain. In cricket, scorekeepers are allowed to differentiate between singles/doubles/triples and outs if                they are asked. No emotional outbreaks are allowed while at the scoreboard. Scorekeepers must                          remain as still as possible during a players turn. (No puffing on a cigarette or drinking during a players                  turn). "BUD LIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION" scorekeepers will be allowed to call a time out and confer                  with their teammates about what a thrower needs to do. The scorekeeper may confer with his/her other                teammates but may not confer with the thrower themselves. All other "BUDWEISER CHAMPIONSHIP                      DIVISION " rules apply to the "BUDWEISER CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION " while a scorekeeper is at the                        scoreboard. There should always be a scorekeeper for each game, and players are not allowed to score                  their own games. To be considered a legal throw, the darts must stay in the board for five seconds after                the thrower has reached the board to retrieve his/her darts. The scorekeeper needs to be given ample time              to accurately score each dart. Darts should not be pulled from the board until the scorekeeper has had                  time to accurately score each dart. First offense of this action will be a warning; each offence afterward                  will be a forfeited turn.

5. General Rules

            A. Byes

                 1. Depending on the number of teams in each division there may be team byes. No points will be                           awarded for byes.

            B. Forfeits

                 1. By all means necessary, matches shouldn't be forfeited. Make-up matches are allowed, but both                          team captains have to be in agreement of where and when the make-up match will be played. If the                      two team captains can't come to an agreement by 7pm of the match day the match has to be played                      in full on that day. Ghost player rules can be used, a player can be added for the night if needed                          unless the team already has the maximum number of players allowed on a team.  If a team has                          three players, the ghost player rule is in effect. Ghost player turns are skipped and in singles                           games are automatic loses. A match can be made up in hardship situation. These include illness,                        death, etc. Ghost players are considered just as a regular player; if you are having to use a ghost                        player(s), each has to play as least 3 games. If a match is forfeited, the team forfeiting will receive 0                      wins and the opposing team will receive 7 wins. A team that has to forfeit two matches in one                           season will be banned from league play for the rest of that season. All league fees and sponsorship                      fees are deemed property of the league. All wins are vacated and will be reflected in the                                  overall team wins of the other division teams. All individual stats will be deleted from the website.                       When handling situations that deal with forfeits and making up matches I expect the two team                           captains to treat the situation with sportsmanship not gamesmanship. Make every effort to get the                     match remade but if an agreement can't be made then play the match as scheduled.  

             C. Protests and Disputes

                  1. Team Captains need to make all disputes and protests to the League Manager. League Manager has                     final say in how situations will be handled, in certain circumstances a vote between team captains                       will be used to resolve a dispute. 

             D. Team Drop Out

                  1. If a team drops out of the division, the remaining schedule will be used as team byes.

             E. Dropping/Adding Players

                  1. Teams will be allowed to drop or add players at any point during the season. If a player is added                          before the halfway point of the season the player still owes $30 membership fee. New players will                      not be allowed to enter the league after the halfway point unless the team is going through                              Team Hardship (death, severe illness, player moving away, etc.). These additions have to be                              approved by the league manager.

                  2. Beginning rosters memberships are due on or before the first night of play. Anyone who has not                          paid in full by the time score sheets are turned in will forfeit all games they played for that night’s                      match.

              F. Season Playoffs

                  1. After the end of the regular season teams will be seeded in a playoff bracket with at least the top                        two seeds receiving a first round bye. Bracket play will continue on Tuesday nights until the                              championship round has been completed. The most teams that will make it into the playoff round                       will be six.  


6. The Score Sheet and Match

              A. Match Process

                  1. Match begins with the team captains filling out 1st half (front) of match sheet. Matches should                         begin no later than 7:15pm, these matches can take over three hours sometimes so getting them                         going on time is a must. If teams abuse this rule a game win penalty will result in the updated                           standings. If two members of a team are at the venue at 7pm then the first segment should be                           started, be thoughtful of the home team and make sure you're at their venue before 6:45pm. Team                     Captains will do the same for the 2nd half (back) of the match sheet. Please make sure that all your                     team's players have satisfied the three game rule before filling out the last segment.                                      Remember that for each player that doesn't meet the three game requirement, one game point will                      be deducted from your total for the night.

                B. Beginning Game

                    1. In doubles games, the home team will cork first to see who begins play. Home team will score                            game first and scoring will be alternated through segment six. You must throw in the order that                          has been written on the score sheet. In the doubles matches Either player may cork, but the                              player listed in the first slot has to start the game for each team.

                        A. You must throw in the order indicated by the score sheet, if you throw out of order, that turn                              will be forfeited and it will be the opposing teams throw.
                        B. Your entire foot has to stay behind the edge of the throw line. Your first time being caught                              with your foot in front will be a warning, any time afterward will be a forfeited throw. Any                                other foul committed during a game will be punishable by warning for first offense and                                  forfeited throw for each offense afterward. Such fouls are: foot across the throw line,                                      throwing out of turn, taunting of opposing players, illegal coaching by the score keeper, etc.                              Any violations found by the league manager after the match score sheet has been signed by                              both team captains will be punishable by a game point deduction for the violating team.
                   2. In each singles match, the following format needs to be played. Home team player will cork first,                         whoever wins the cork will start the first game. After completion of the first game, the home team                       will cork for the start of the second game as well. If the game goes to a third leg, the home team                         will cork first to see who starts this game also.
                C. The Score Sheet
                     1. The Score Sheet is broken up into six different segments. The basic rule for each segment is that                         a player's name can only appear once per segment. If a score sheet is turned in with a players                             name appearing more than once in any segment then a one game point deduction will occur for                           each instance. The Budweiser Division will have a special rule in place for the singles                                     games, a players name can only appear once in the singles games. This means if you play in the                         singles cricket game you are not allowed to play in the singles -01 game. If a name appears                               more than once in the singles game one game point will be subtracted from the final score for                           the team at fault. The Bud Light Division will be open in the singles matches which means that                          as long as a player meets the three game minimum they can play in multiple singles matches. All                        players must play at least three games, if any player doesn't play the minimum a game point will                        be subtracted from the final score for the team(s) at fault. All doubles games count as one, except                        for the Pro-Shoot Segment game.  The Pro-Shoot Segment  is a pro shoot game so it will count                          for at least two, three if it goes to a third leg. The singles games count for at least two, three if it                        goes to a third leg.

                     2. For -01 games, any scores for 95-180 need to be marked under the appropriate column for each                           player in that game. At the end of -01 match write down the out that was taken because there                             will be a cash prize at the end of the season for the highest out taken out in double and singles                           -01. Mark the number taken out in the box by the players name that took the out. 

                     3. For cricket games, any score of 5 marks or higher, or 3 bulls or higher need to be marked under                         the appropriate column for each player in that game.

                     4. The “Quality Point Average” will consist of quality points achieved divided by the total number of                         games played. The marks that are scored in -01 and cricket are your quality points.

                         The breakdown for quality point values are:

                          -01 values

                          95-132 6 Quality Points

                          133-169 8 Quality Points

                          170-179 9 Quality Points

                          Ton80 12 Quality Points

                          Cricket values

                          5-6 mark 5 Quality Points

                          7-8 mark 6 Quality Points

                          Nine mark 10 Quality Points

                          3 Bulls 6 Quality Points

                          4-5 Bulls 7 Quality Points

                          6 Bulls 15 Quality Points

                          Throwing the winning dart of a cricket or -01 game 1 quality point

7. Quality Points

    A. Quality points are the marks in -01 that are higher than a 95 and in cricket that are 5 marks or higher.

    B. A player's QPA (Quality Point Average) will be determined by total quality points divided by total number of             games played. Player with highest QPA will be the season MVP. If there is a tie, singles winning percentage will         break the tie, and if still tied, a pro shoot match will be played between MVP candidates.

    C. The QPA will replace the handicap system. At the end of the season the Skill Level Committee will review all              QPA’s and determine if players or teams need to be moved to different divisions.

    D. Any singles games played against a ghost player will not count towards QPA.
    E. Any points earned in games deemed to be in violation will not be taken away from the individual; all rules               violations are punishable with team game point deductions and not individual point deduction. The only scenario       where individual marks may be taken away is if a player throws out of turn, in which case a forfeited turn is the       punishment.

8. Minimum games played

    A. For a match night, team captains must make sure that each player on their roster for that night plays in at least 3        games. This will be very easy to do. An individual player can only play in one singles game per match. If any            player on the score sheet doesn't meet the 3 game minimum requirement, one game point will be subtracted            from the final score of the team(s) at fault.
9. Captain's signature
     A. Once you have completed the match, it is both team captains' responsibility to look over the score sheet and             make sure everything has been entered, correctly. If there is a problem it is at this point in time that corrections         need to be made. If a player didn't play enough games then you may replay a game to correct this. The only            player that can be changed from the score sheet is the player that needs to be added to get their three game            requirement. They may be added to one of the doubles matches and traded out for a player that has                    already met their requirement. The other players in this replayed match must stay the same as originally written        on the score sheet. "USE A PENCIL" always so you can erase marks if needed. Replay this game, then each team          captain signs off on the score sheet. Once you have turned in the score sheet the match is over and if any              violations are found they will be punishable by one game point deduction per violation.


Bust – A score taking the member over the number required to win a standard game, or level with the required score by means of a single, or number one needed (impossible to achieve with a double).

Hat Trick – Three scoring bulls, not all darts have to be in the bull.

Nine Mark – Three scoring triples (Cricket) AKA: Round of Nine.

Quality Point – Any mark in -01 above 95 and any mark in Cricket above 5-mark.

Quality Point Average – Total quality points divided by total games played.

Ton80 – One hundred-eighty scored with three darts in 501. 




​(payouts will be subject to number of teams in a division, the values listed are for an eight team division)



(MVP and SINGLES CHAMP $$$ is also based on the number of teams in a division, the values shown are for an eight team division)




95-132 $1

133-169 $1.50

170-179 $2

TON80 $2.50



LEAGUE LEADER IN 95-132 - $1

LEAGUE LEASER IN 133-169 - $1

LEAGUE LEADER IN 170-179 - $1



R5,6 $1

R7,8 $1.50

R9 $2

H3 $1.50

H4,5 $2

H6 $2.50